Monday, January 31, 2011

Articles, Interviews, Mentions

I've gathered together a couple of online articles/interviews featuring, at the very least, mentions of the boys. The two at the top are the most recent. The rest are just interesting reads. Please enjoy!

And special mention to another recent article that's not listed above. It's from the Philippine Star, entitled Songwriters Night Features "Jesus Per Jesus" By Curan (Apr 2010). It's not an article on the Moffatts, but in it, Michael Anthony Curan admits that the Moffatts were his true inspiration to pick up a guitar and start making music. I liked what he said, so I wanted to post it. The excerpt is below, and you can read the entire article HERE.

"Coming from the Ka Pedro background, the music of Boyzone, Backstreet Boys, and N’Sync were all fresh air to me. I was impressed with their harmonies and dancing.

"But I wasn’t at all inspired to pick up an instrument or become a musician. I was just contented with being a music fan... until the Canadian teenage band The Moffatts came along.

"Armed with their instruments and simple melodies and lyrics and how the girls respond to them, the band totally changed my life. I know it’s not cool to admit that but I am not ashamed of my roots. The Moffatts were the reason why I picked up the guitar and started writing songs," he shared.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Baby Pics!!

Because who can resist a bunch of adorable babies? And what's cuter than a bunch of MOFFATT babies?? Have a great weekend! I'll post an update if there's any new news, otherwise see you all on Monday!

Photo Credit: From Clint Moffatt's Facebook, posted on 4-Beats

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Internet Archive *Update*

A couple of posts ago, I posted a link to searched on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. I've taken some time to search through the pages, and I've found a couple that were better/more interesting/had more info than some of the others that yielded absolutely zilch. Below is a list of links to those pages. Happy clicking!

  • The Moffatts: A Retrospective (c. 2003) - Some will remember that, for a while after the band dispersed, the official website became, well, a retrospective site.
  • Downloads Page (c. 2001) - Only a couple of the photos will actually load on here, but if you click through you will find a few that still exist.
  • The Moffatts' Hawaii Diary (c. 2001) - Remember when they were in Hawaii? I'd forgotten till I opened up this pop-up diary of theirs. So cute.
  • Moffatt Online Postcards (c. 2001) - Remember sending these to all of your friends? I know I did. ;)
  • The Moffatts Fan Club (c. 2000) - This page is JUST FOR FUN. Please don't try to join the Fan Club. I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist anymore... (Even though it should!)
  • Magazine Archive (c. 2000) - Once again, you'll have to click through. Some of the articles are there, some aren't.
  • The Moffatts Message Board (c. 2000) - I'm sure some of my old posts are here somewhere... Don't try to post anything. Pretty sure you'll get some sort of error message.
  • Photos and Videos (c. 1999) - Click through. See what you can find.
  • Photos and Videos (c. 1998) - Same Same as above ;), just an earlier link.
  • (c. 1996) - Earliest version of the website, complete with the caterpillar crawling down at the bottom of the page. So sweet!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Twin Triplets around Nashvegas

Lisa (@WatchOverMe86), who lives in Nashville, was nice enough to share a couple of her photos with me. She's seen Clint and Bob around town a bit and sent me two photos of her and the boys. Enjoy! And thanks, Lisa!!

With Bob at a Hanson concert - Aug 3, 2010

With Clint at Harris Teeter

If anybody else has photos they want to share with me, I'd LOVE to see them! If you let me post them to the blog, I promise I'll give you full credit and link to your accounts! You can email them to me or tweet me @MoffattsFans. Hope to see some more fan photos soon!

Photo Credit: Lisa Gerred - @WatchOverMe86, Facebook Profile

Monday, January 24, 2011 on the Internet Archive

Ever wish you could go back and look at a website that doesn't exist anymore? Then the Internet Archive is exactly the place you're looking for! Every website ever created is stored on this archive. Simply search any web address on their Wayback Machine, and have at it! And while some websites display better than others, it's still a pretty damn cool site.

So without further adieu, I give you, searched on the Wayback Machine (and FYI, that domain isn't currently owned by anyone...).

Here's a little taste, just in case you're curious (lol):

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cool Springs, '99

I took these photos in the summer of 1999 when one of my best friends and I traveled to Nashville, TN to see the boys play a concert in the parking lot of Cool Springs Mall (now the Cool Springs Galleria). The event, sponsored by the magazine Teen People, was called the Teen People Rock 'n' Shop... I kid you not. Oh, the '90s... Still, it was an absolutely fabulous experience, culminating in Dave singing the first verse of Miss You Like Crazy to ME (and since I was 14, I was all like OH-EM-GEE). Please keep in mind that these photos were taken on whatever horrible digital camera existed in '99, so I apologize for their terrible quality, but I still hope you enjoy them as much as my friend and I enjoyed the show! My ears were ringing for hours afterward. :)

Photo Credit: me ;)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Update (20/01/11)

I added a menu of links (that are still regularly updated!) over to the right of the blog. Scroll down a little to see them. Enjoy! and if you know of any other sites that are still actively updated, please email me their links!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scott in Thailand - Dec 26, 2010

Frank Moffatt (aka Daddy Moffatt) recently posted some Facebook photos of him and Scott in Thailand right after Christmas. Don't know many more details about the photos though, sorry. As some of you know, Scott currently lives in Thailand. (I have read rumors that Scott is dating a Thai DJ - but like I said, just rumors until someone confirms it. And whether the rumors are true or not, we all hope Scott his very happy!) Anyway, here are the photos (he's such a cutiepatootie):

Photo Credit: Frank Moffatt (Facebook)

Dave's "Coming Out" Article (2004)

While I can't tell you why, I can tell you that I've seen a recent rise in the discussion of Dave's sexuality lately on Twitter (guess it's one of those topics that comes and goes as new people find out, I dunno). Most die-hard Moffatts fans have known for years that Dave is gay - and we love and support him just the same as we always have. Gay, straight, bisexual... who cares? Music is music, and love is love, and none of us can deny that at some point in our lives (hopefully throughout our lives) we're touched by both.

That being said, I found an excerpt from the article from 2004 where Dave admitted to the press that he was gay. While it wasn't a secret at the time (he came out to his family years before, and many fans already suspected), I think this was the first instance where he was interviewed about it, and I thought some might like to read it.

Read the excerpt here: 'Ex-teen idol comes out, moves into 'Peg'

For the full text, you'll need to subscribe to the Winnipeg Free Press... If you so choose, I have searched their archives and provided the link for you here: "We discovered 1 results for Dave Moffatt On August 19, 2004 in newspaper articles found in our archive!"

Moffatts Message Boards: Your Favorites

I'm looking for suggestions for some Moffatty message boards that you think I should join. Please, please, please...

Hoping to find some great Moffatts communities to join in the near future! Cheers all!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Bob and Clint have a new band!!!! Visit the Like Strangers Facebook Page to check them out!!

According to their Facebook Page:

Bob and Clint Moffatt have returned to their Country Music Roots for their newest project: LIKE STRANGERS…perfectly named after an Everly Brothers song. Their harmonies very reminiscent of the brothers, it seemed only right to name themselves after one of their favorite bands.

Relocating to Nashville in 2007 and recently teaming up with veteran producer Paul Worley, Bob and Clint are currently in the studio recording and excited to share some new music with you. Stay tuned...

Looking for links?

Since there seem to be so few of them, I'm always in search of Moffatts sites that are still in existence. So. For your Moffatty pleasure (and so you don't have to go searching yourself), I've compiled a list of some of my favorites for you here. Some of these are updated regularly, most of them are updated at least occasionally, and a few of them are archival sites but still worth a look. Hope you all enjoy! And please let me know if there are any sites I left off the list that you think should definitely be on here!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy (Belated) Christmas & New Year!

I know Christmas was nearly a month ago, and this video is from a few years ago, but I couldn't resist posting it as a belated Christmas/New Year's message to everyone! Wishing good cheer to all!!

Video Credit: mrsmoffatt

Facebook Fan Page

Please click here and "Like" the new Facebook Fan Page for this blog!

Also, if you're not already, follow the blog on Twitter @MoffattsFans! After all, Twitter started this whole endeavor!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

First post! Wish me luck!

I can't believe I'm doing this, but it's probably about time...

First, a little background... I've never blogged before. I have, however, been dabbling in web design/webmastery since I was 12. (For those of you who are curious... I was 12 about 14 years ago...). My first website was Turky's Moffatt Page. Needless to say, it was very amateur (however sentimental I may be about it), and I'm sure its only visitors were family members and select friends to whom I sent the link. :) Next, I started (hence the name of this blog). In its hey-day, received ~1000 visitors a month, but unfortunately the boys dissolved their band, and well, we all know the rest of the story...

These days, only exists on an external hard drive somewhere in my parents' house, but even though my fansite went the way of most everyone else's Moffatty sites, my love for the Moffatts stayed true. Since the break-up, I've continued to follow them (as much as is possible, with the lack of news out there...). And that brings me to 2009.

Every couple of months, I would scourge the Internet for the tiniest news of the boys. And every couple of months, I had the same result: hardly anything, usually nothing. As Moffatts fans, we all know how hard it is these days to find out what the guys are up to. Every once in a while, sure, there's some little tidbit of news, but that's about it. Most of the fansites are long gone, and most of the fans seem to have gone into hiding (or something).

So then I got to thinking about how easy it would be to follow the boys if there were only something as simple as a Twitter account that was keeping track of several Moffatts news sources and posting news in 140 characters or less! Also, what better way to connect the fanbase that's still out there? Enter my Twitter account: @MoffattsNews.

I've had so much fun over these past two years with this account! I never thought I'd be connecting with other fans across the world and sharing in our Moffattyness! In fact, I had so much fun connecting that the account became more about the fan connections than the news aspect. Sure, it was fun to share what we'd heard of the boys' lives with each other, but as news was (is) scarce, most of our conversations were about other things.

Thus, the account name change from @MoffattsNews to @MoffattsFans. Thus, the creation of this blog. Thus, the future creation of a Facebook fan page (I hope to do this soon!!). I want to keep connecting with other fans, because no matter where we're from on this planet, we all share some little part of our childhood with each other. We were Moffatts fans. We're still Moffatts fans. I've tacked the 's' onto the end of my original site's name MoffattsFan, because it's not about just me, one fan. I love you guys! Let's make this site about Moffatts connections around the world! And, of course, I'll continue to share whatever news I hear of the boys with all of you, as long as you'll share your news with me!

P.S. I promise future posts will NOT be this long. :)